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ChuckThis is the home page of the Schmidt Family in western Pennsylvania. We are the ones who live in Pennsylvania, the armpit of America. You can read my thoughs about living in the state  at Chuck@Large.

This site is managed by Chuck (Chinese: 史查克) with the purpose of broadcasting news and events 0f interest to family, friends and other interested individuals.  Unfortunately, this is updated on an as-need. occassional basis and will not necessarily contain hot, up-to-the-minute events.

What you will find are thousands of photos, video clips, jokes, news-worthy news and tributes to important people in our lives.

Winter News

Well, winter is definitely upon Pennsyvlnaia. After a deluge of snow from 12 days during the first half of january, we finally have a sunny morning, albeit cold -- about 3 F (-16 C) in the early morning. Here's what it looks like after several inches of snow:

House after Jan 2009 snow

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a happy  & prosperous new year!

New Stuff 

Florida 2007

Anne's Beach Video